HOA Contact Information


H.V.O.A. Manager: Kyla Swartz
Sentry Management Inc.
6149 N. Meeker Pl Suite 150, ID 83713
Phone: (208) 323-1080 ext 59599
Email: kswartz@sentrymgt.com

H.V.O.A. President: Tucker Johnson
Assistant: Lisa
372 S. Eagle Rd., Suite 328 Eagle, ID 83616
Phone: 208-377-4104
Email: tj@skylineid.com 

Q & A With Hazelwood Village Owners Association

It has come to the HOA’s attention that a group of residents has distributed a flyer regarding the upcoming annual meeting and the business that is to be addressed at that meeting. Unfortunately, some of the information is incorrect. Please see the questions and answers below for accurate information about the meeting. After reading, please feel free to direct your comments or additional questions to our Community Manager, Rob Mattison, at rmattison@sentrymgt.com.

Q. What documents are used to govern the HOA?

A. The HOA is governed by a set of documents, the Articles of Incorporation, the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and the Bylaws. These documents control in an “order of hierarchy” as listed above. Generally, the Articles establish the corporation. The CC&Rs address the payment of assessments, the guidelines for living in the HOA, how guidelines are enforced and other legal items. The Bylaws is the document that spells out how the corporation should be run.

Q. What’s the difference between HWV (Developer, Skyline) and HVHOA (Hazelwood Village Homeowners Association)?

A. HWV is the developer of the subdivision and will continue to control the ongoing development of the neighborhood, Hazelwood Village. The HVHOA is the legal entity Hazelwood Village Homeowners Association and its members are all owners of property in the neighborhood. It is important to note that even through HVOA will have a member elected Board to control the association’s business the developer will still be platting and building new homes in the neighborhood and will remain a member of the association. The developer’s representative will run for election to the HOA board or may be considered to be a Board appointed officer in order to help in transition and to provide continuity in the neighborhood as development continues.

Q. What are the responsibilities of each entity – HWV and the HVHOA?

A. The developer/grantor (HWV-Skyline) is responsible for development activities (platting new lots, establishing common areas, and building amenities (e.g., pools) that are deeded to HVOA for ownership and maintenance, etc. HVHOA is the responsible entity for all areas owned by the HOA, e.g, maintenance of common areas, amenities such as the pools and the clubhouse, the area commonly referred to as “the dog park”, maintenance and replacement of playground equipment, etc. Once a new HOA Board of Directors is elected by the membership at the upcoming annual meeting, it will serve as the governing body of the HOA. There is a list of their powers, authorities and responsibilities outlined in the CC&Rs. The developer/grantor will continue with expansion of the neighborhood and completing the Hazelwood Village project.

Q. Why are there two classes of membership?

A. When subdivisions are planned and under development, there are two classes of voting members in the organization: Class A (homeowners) and Class B (the developer/grantor). Typically, the 2 developer/grantor has enough votes to maintain control of the HOA until such time as the development is completed so that the neighborhood maintains its look and feel as originally designed and additional amenities can be added if desired. This is usually after the last lot is sold. In this case the CCRs also specify a hard deadline date for when the all Classes vote for the Board.

Q. Why is there an Annual Meeting scheduled now? Why the need to elect Homeowner Board of Directors now?

A. Sentry has not refused to re-schedule the HOA Annual Meeting. Sentry takes its direction from the Board of Directors and the Board wanted to have an Annual Meeting this spring which is consistent with the timing of meetings in the past. Unlike most HOAs, the Articles of Incorporation for Hazelwood Village [Article VI (b) ] states that the developer/grantor’s voting rights (Class B) would be in effect until the last lot is sold or they would expire on January 15, 2015, whichever occurs first. The CC&Rs (Section 6.05) also state the above mentioned deadlines for transition to a HVOA elected Board of Directors. As such, with the transition of day-to-day operations to Sentry Management in July, 2016, it was determined by the Board and Sentry that an Annual Meeting of Members with an election of a homeowner member board would be held this spring. This was discussed at the fall town hall meeting. Subsequent annual meetings will be held each spring. Board members serve a one-year term. This means that your elected Board will give the direction on how the budget is set, how much assessments will be, and have all the decision making authority allowed under the governing documents.

Q. Is the HOA currently in debt? Is future debt imminent?

A. The HOA currently does not have any debt. There is no indication that the HOA will be acquiring debt or that debt is imminent. Costs for the day-to-day operations of the HOA, and to fund reserves for future capital expenditures, are detailed in the annual operating and reserve budgets.

Q. How are annual assessments determined?

A. All HVOA expenses are paid from the operating budget and dues are set annually based on the budget. The HOA Board sets the operating budget each year and also sets the level of homeowner assessments. It is anticipated that the annual assessments in 2018 will need to increase slightly to cover operating costs. The exact amount will be determined by the new Board later this year.

Q. How are the HOA funds handled?

A. The HOA funds are handled in a bank account under the control of the HOA Board of Directors. HOA funds have never been, nor will they be, co-mingled with Developer/Grantor funds. HVOA funds have never been used for development. The HOA is a separate entity, registered as a corporation with the State of Idaho and with its own Tax ID number. There have been times in history where the Developer has paid HOA bills because the HOA did not have sufficient funds for the repairs needed or to have needed services performed. In this case, the HOA repaid the loan from the developer when funds became available. 

Q. What are the maintenance obligations of the HVOA?

A. Maintenance and/or replacement of the HVOA assets has been performed on an as needed basis and prioritized as funds are available. Projects have included replacement of carpet in the clubhouse, fences and older mailbox frames repaired/re-stained, pool furniture added, repair to and added security cameras , pool equipment replaced (one heater was replaced in 2016, one planned is planned for this year, and the third will be replaced in 2018 ), irrigation pumps repaired, landscaping repaired, etc. The list is long. A list of projects completed is available from the management company. For 2017, scheduled repairs and maintenance will include items like staining mailbox stands and some fences, one pool heater replacement and other small maintenance items planned by the HOA. There is no “deferred” maintenance that needs to be done by the developer/grantor. All HVOA property is to be maintained by HVOA. The developer/grantor pays for the initial construction of amenities, but not the ongoing maintenance which is always the responsibility of the HOA in all subdivisions.

Q. How much does is cost to operate a pool each season?

A. Operating costs for the pool (cleaning, chemicals, gas heat, electricity, etc.) runs between $10,000 and $12,000 per season. At the current number of lots (412) that is about $2.50 per home per month.

Q. When did the current developer/grantor (Skyline-HV) assume the development rights for Hazelwood Village?

A. Skyline-HV bought the development rights to Hazelwood Village in July 2010. Due to the economic downturn in 2008 and continued recession, there were many developers that abandoned projects. Fortunately, this was not the case for HV; the original development company loaned money to the HOA to keep it functioning until a new grantor with a consistent vision for HV was found. Once the development rights were purchased, and the raw land and the vacant lots were owned by Skyline-HV the new grantor, the new grantor assumed the loan to the HOA. The HOA completed repayment of the loan in 2015.

Q. Is Sentry Management and the Developer one and the same?

A. No. Sentry Management is a professional HOA management company hired by the developer/grantor’s Board of Directors to carry out the day-to-day operations of the HOA. Sentry Management takes its direction from the Board of Directors. Copies of the governing documents referred to in this information sheet can be viewed on the Sentry Management website in the Hazelwood Village HOA portal. Residents are encouraged to visit the site, log in as a homeowner and become familiar with these documents.