Green Village Development was founded in Boise in 1967 and built upon principles of integrity, consistency, sound long-term business practices, and a vision of creating highly livable neighborhoods. Tucker Johnson has over 20 years of neighborhood development experience - he grew up in the business.

After receiving his master's degree from Boise State he took over the reins of leadership from his father in 1997. Under his leadership, Green Village developed many notable neighborhoods in the Boise area: Hazelwood Village, Sonata Hills, Rockhampton, and Wildbrook to name a few.

In 2010 Mr. Johnson partnered with Steve Gibson to continue the course in Hazelwood Village. Mr. Gibson's experience includes decades of success in business, teaching entrepreneurship at Brigham Young University, as well as many philanthropic endeavors in Mexico and the Philippines. Mr. Gibson's business dealings with the Johnsons goes back over a decade.

Both Johnson and Gibson share a common, long-term vision for Hazelwood Village -- Create a vibrant neighborhood where the discerning home buyer relates to and appreciates unique plans, promote a pallet of great architectural styles crafted by the best local builders, and nurture a secure investment environment for the buyer – one that not only enhances one's quality of daily life, but also provides real appreciation when it's time to sell.